Ninjaline Backyard Outdoor Obstacle Course Kits

Train like a Ninja! The patented Slackers Ninjaline (ninja line) from B4Adventure incorporates elements from the popular television series to create a unique set of challenges for kids and adults. With input from professional Ninja’s, the Slackers Ninjaline offers versatility to create a variety of course set ups from ranging from beginner to advanced. Simply hang the NinjaLine between two healthy trees and you are ready to go. The line includes a carrying bag for easy portability between the backyard and the park or to a friend’s house.

Ninjaline Kits

Train like a Ninja with our backyard outdoor hanging obstacle course kits. These versatile kits allow the obstacles to be moved further apart as your skills improve. They come with obstacle attachments to get you started, and are expandable with our additional obstacle accessories listed below.

Ninjaline Pro Kit

Ninjaline Intro Kits

Ninjaline Accessories

Add some variety to your obstacle course with our various hanging attachments.

Ninjaline Obstacle Course Configurations

The obstacles from the Intro Kit and the Pro Kit are interchangeable so the options are endless. Use the Ninja rope and Ninja ladder to create additional obstacles in your backyard by attaching to a tree, or attach to the line to create a unique training pattern. Each line uses heavy duty webbing with double sewn pockets and steel reinforced ratchets with rubberized grips.  

High Quality Obstacle Course Attachments

The Ninja Intro obstacles use nylon and polyester rope with UV treatment, solid wood and steel rings with rubberized grip. The Ninja Pro obstacles use polyester webbing with steel eyebolts reinforced through the center of the poly resin textured holds. Each obstacle includes a steel safety delta clip for easy attachment.  

Fun Outdoor Activity

The Ninjaline helps individuals to develop core, grip and upper body strength as they move down the line from obstacle to obstacle. Train hard and have fun!