Slackers Disclaimer & Notice

The installation and use of slacklines and ziplines and their respective pulleys, harnesses, ratchets and other related gear are potentially hazardous by their very nature. Any person purchasing, installing or using equipment from Slackers® must:

  1. Obtain proper training and instruction regarding its proper use and safety precautions to always practice.
  2. Ensure proper & adequate supervision and instruction (this includes the continuous use of appropriate safety procedures & equipment) for themselves and others using the equipment.
  3. Check that all equipment is properly maintained, in good working order and inspected for damage or wear prior to each use.
  4. Assume all risks and accept full responsibility for any injury (including death) or damages that may occur from its use.
  5. As with all small parts, there is a potential risk of choking hazard. Please keep all parts away from small children.

All the information provided by Slackers® either printed, electronic or otherwise is not to be considered professional instruction or advice. Users of this equipment are encouraged to seek professional instruction regarding specific questions about usage, location, installation or other aspects of Slacklines/ Ziplines.

Be Careful and Have Fun Outdoors!

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