Zipline Questions

How do I measure the distance between the trees?
When measuring the distance between the trees measure the distance from tree to tree, measure around the circumference of the tree. Remember with the exception of the “Falcon” Series each kit has a 5ft sling cable enclosed and then allow an additional 5ft at the end of the Zipline again depending on the circumference of the tree.
Is it possible to get a longer cable?
Yes, the longest ‘custom” cable we offer is 95ft. It is galvanized steel cable 3/16”. Additional charges apply.
  Can existing cable be replaced?
Want a longer zipline ride? Yes, we can do that! You can Visit our Zipline Cable page for more information.
  Where can I find the Falcon Instructions?
During packing incorrect instructions were inserted in the boxes of the “Falcon” Series. The correct instructions are available on the chart below.
Can you leave the Zipline up in weather?
You can leave the Zipline up however over time it will rust. Wipe dry before reusing. Remove trolley if left unused for longer periods.
  What is the purpose of the Bungee Brake Kit? Is it necessary? How does it work?
The purpose of the Bungeez Brake kit is to gradually slow down your zipline as you approach the end of the line. It comes with a brake block, 15′ of bungee cord and bag to fill with 200lbs of sand. For a demo watch the Bungeez Brake Video
What is the maximum cable length I can purchase?
125ft – Go to Slackers Accessories to order zipline and/or sling cable.

Slackline Questions

Slackline setup diagram for large trees
Can you leave the Slackline up in weather?
Slacklines: Over time the webbing will fade in color. It is easy to set up and break down a Slackline. It is recommended that you take it down if you don’t plan on using it frequently.
Where is my order?
If you have placed an order with us, you can view your orders from your account dashboard. You can also change your account login password or track your order

Instruction and Setup Instructions

Zipline Models Instructions
SLA.490 Falcon with Seat Slackers Falcon Zipline Instructions 1.7MB (Updated Dec. 2017)
SLA.473 Zipline without Seat SLA.474 Zipline without Seat Slackers No Seat Zipline Instructions 5.3MB (Updated Feb. 2016)
SLA.479 Hawk with Seat SLA.480 Eagle with Seat Slackers Zipline with Seat Instructions 1.5MB (Updated Dec. 2017)
SLA.500 Night Rider with LED Seat Night Riderz Zipline Instructions 1.3MB (Updated Dec. 2017)
Flying Saucer Model Instructions
SLA.485 Night Rider with LED Seat Night Riderz Flying Saucer LED Swing Instructions (Updated Aug. 2015)
Slacklines Instructions
SLA.475 Classic Series SLA.470 Eclipse SLA.463 Wave Walker (Blue) SLA.465 Wave Walker (Green) Slackers Slackline Instructions
SLA.472 Slack Rack Slackers Slack Rack Instructions
Zipline Accessories Instructions
SLA.543 Bungeez Brake Kit Deluxe Bungee brake Kit Instructions906KB (Updated: Mar.2017)
Slide And Surf Instructions
SLA.747—20′; SLA.757—30′ Slide and Surf Kits Slide and Surf Instructions 667KB (Updated: Mar.2016)

Ninjaline Instructions

SLA.788, SLA.789 Ninjaline Instructions

Slackers Catalog 2016

PDF Format: Slackers Summer 2016 Catalog (LowRes) 8.7MB (updated June 2016)
Flash Format Slackers Summer 2016 Catalog (SWF) 19.1MB (updated June 2016)

Playzone-Fit Catalog 2016

PDF Format: Playzone-Fit 2016 Summer Catalog (LowRes) 4MB (updated June 2016)
Flash Format Playzone-Fit Summer 2016 Catalog (SWF) 19.1MB (updated June 2016)