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Slackers slackline

Backyard Slackline Kits

The Slackers slackline is a vehicle for amazing feats of balance, athleticism and agility. Perfect for kids and adults and a great way to get outside. The dynamic, high quality colorful webbing is strung between two anchor points to for a type of “tightrope” with a modern twist! Our Slacklines are available in many colors, sizes and uses. We include everything you need to set up your own slackline in your backyard, in the park or anywhere you want to slackline. All kits include a carrying bag and many include a teaching line.

Slackline Kits

Our easy to install slacklines kits utilize quality materials and attention to detail. We use a 10,000lb weight line with UV protection. Our steel ratchets have a reinforced gear wheel, rubberized handles and powder coated coating. Our award winning slacklines are used by athletes all over the world for both fun and specialized training. Utilizing custom weaves we are able to give our slacklines unique feel and stretch the limits of slacklining fun. All of our slacklines comply with ASTM Consumer Product Safety Commission and European Safety standards.

Balance Blox Slackline Kit


50′ Slackline Kits

Voodoo Slackline Kits


Slackline Accessories

Add even more fun to your backyard slackline with our accessories. Everything you need to build the ultimate backyard course.

 Slackers Tree Protective Kit


Slackline instructions and FAQ’s

See our installation video and utilize our thorough installation instructions to make sure that your slackline will last safely for years to come.  

High Quality zip line Materials

We use 10,000lbs webbing with UV protection. Powder coated steel ratchets with reinforced gear wheel and rubberized grips. Each kit includes sturdy carrying bag so you can take your sport with you.

Fun Outdoor Activity

 All it takes is two stable points between which the line is secured and a willingness to play. From there, the sky is the limit in terms of the creativity and athleticism. Get outside!