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Backyard zip line Kits

If excitement is what you want, look no further than our backyard Zip lines! Slackers zip lines specialize in quality zip line kits and accessories for backyard fun. Our zip lines focus on unique product details and safety to make sure you have the best experience for years to come.  We have a large selection of residential zip lines and zip line gear including 40’, 70’, 90’ and 100’ zip lines, seats, brake kits, tree protectors and crash pads. Everything you need to set up your own backyard zip line.  

Zip line Kits

Our easy to install zip line kits utilize quality materials and real length cable. We developed our zip lines with the input of top safety experts and mechanical engineers. Our cable is tested for 10,000lbs of stress and we use steel bearings inside of each trolley. Rubber grip handles and sturdy seats mean that zip lining is now easier and safer than ever. Each kit includes a bonus tree protector cable and a turnbuckle safety back up system. Our steel trolley is powder coated, durable and safe and our plastic trolley is reinforced with steel for extra durability. All of our zip lines have passed US safety testing for ASTM Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. Simply attach between two healthy trees and get ready to enjoy outdoor active fun.

Zip line Accessories

Add even more fun to your backyard zip line with our accessories. Everything you need to build the ultimate backyard course.

Zip line instructions and FAQ’s

See our installation video and utilize our thorough installation instructions to make sure that your zip line will last safely for years to come. We also sell line extensions to change the configuration of your zip line and add additional length to your ride.  

High Quality zip line Materials

Rubberized grips allow for safer holds while riding down the line. We use 10,000lb cable and powder coated steel trolleys. Each kit includes bonus turnbuckle safety backup and tree protector.  

Fun Outdoor Activity

Slackers Ziplines helps kids to develop core, grip and upper body strength as they take the ride of their life. Get outside!